Harley Carpets is an expanding company which has supplied fitted carpets in the Essex ans Kent area for 50 years.  As such they are committed to bringing a selection of excellent products from some of the most popular brand names around. These products include natural fibre carpets, underlay, quality mattresses, shutters & blinds amongst others. Harley Carpets can now supply a great range of SEBO Vacuum Cleaners for domestic or commercial use.

SEBO have been consistently influential in modern vacuum cleaner development, with an emphasis on customer satisfaction while being kind to the environment. These reliable and efficient vacuum cleaners incorporate many innovative features which put them ahead of the competition, such as computer control systems to regulate brush height and smooth running. Turbofan motors enable superior cleaning power, lightweight telescopic tubes and cassette style brush roller removal make these cleaners infinitely user friendly.

SEBO’s Electrostatic Filtration provides S-CLASS filtration with the ability to remove minute particles of 1 micron and above, signalling the end for dust mites. 5,000 dust mites can fit on the head of a pin and dust mite faeces is responsible for the worsening of conditions such as asthma. Experts recommend the use of a good quality vacuum with an effective filtration system.

For more information about the Harley Carpets range of vacuum cleaners see the SEO website or call on 01277 2240