The fight against crime is gaining speed with the latest technically advanced systems for theft deterrents. One of these systems is a formula developed and used by Retainagroup which consists of marking, registering and verifying property. Once a criminal is apprehended in the possession of marked stolen items a conviction is almost always assured. Items and valuableswhich can include home entertainment equipment, vehicles, computers, passports etc are marked with an individual code. This code cannot be removed by thieves and enables swift identification of the owner with the help of the ISR or International Security Register. This confidential register is highly secure and is available every day of the year all year round, even Christmas day. The stolen items cannot be easily passed on even if disassembled as dealers and scrap merchants will not touch them rendering them useless. Stealing and cloning of vehicles are tackled with this method as is identity fraud. It is reported in police statistics that vehicles in particular are 55% less likely to be stolen if marked and registered and 50% more likely to be tracked and returned. The Tracking – Locating website has been optimised by Autus Web Design & Marketing to secure a prime google position for this company.