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Its that time of year again when there is a real buzz in the air…..of electric drills that is. Spring is traditionally the time that we like to give our homes a makeover, or at least get those little jobs that need doing started, maybe give everywhere a lick of paint, and get those coat racks, mirrors, pictures put up. Its a real pleasure to look around and notice small changes here and there, or you may even be considering more substantial additions such as conservatories or loft conversion.

These days home improvement is not just about improving the appearance of your home, ensuring energy efficiency is also a major consideration for most people. While many homes have double glazed window systems installed already, a significant amount of homes still retain their original timber doors. These are subject to warpage and can be affected by weather conditions, allowing warm air to escape and cold air to enter. It isnt just cold air that will seep in with a badly fitting door, outside noise can also be a nuisance.

 This lack of thermal efficiency is a big contributor to high energy wastage and consequently raised fuel bills. Many homeowners do not realise that badly fitting or warped external doors are thermally inefficient, and reduce the benefits of double glazed windows. The solution is of course to install replacement UPVC exterior doors, and thats problem solved! Or is it? It is a fact that only high quality external doors, which are manufactured and supplied hung in their own individual frames, are capable of accomplishing total thermal functionality. This will save you money while helping to save the environment, as your home reduces its carbon footprint by conserving energy.

 For advice on the perfect type of replacement exterior door for your home take a look at the UPVC Door Store website. Here you will find an exciting selection of quality doors and door furniture all at extremely competitive prices. There is a guide to measuring up for your custom door and you will also find an installation guide. External front and back doors from Autus clients, UPVC Door Store are highly secure, and feature a specially designed 3mm profile. Add to this the four chamber construction giving strength and damage resistance throughout, and the state of the art multi point locking systems and your onto a winner.

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