Autus Web Design & Marketing client Turn Key Air Conditioning have shared the success of a recent venture in a new project page on their website at Woolley Wood Special Needs School in Sheffield was commissioned by the local authority when the old school building was deemed no longer fit for purpose. The specifications for the new building were particularly high including a reduction in CO2 emissions of 20% and a requirement that at least 10% of the energy supplied came from renewable sources. With limitations on access to the site and restricted space to work with, Turn Key Air Conditioning was brought in because of their expertise in producing state of the art solutions to heating needs.

Space saving underfloor heating was designed for the school and Turn Key opted for Ecodan air source heat pumps to supply heat and hot water. Ecodan CAHV air source heat pumps from Mitsubishi are classified as renewable energy technology as they produce three times more power than they consume. Working in ambient temperatures as low as -25C, Ecodan air source heat pumps are capable of proucing hot water up to 70C. Ecodan monobloc heat pumps each produce up to 43kW of energy and work in combination to meet larger energy needs.

Because of restrictions to the school site, the entire heating system was manufactured off-site on two skids. One contained the Ecodain air source heat pumps while an operating plant was constructed on the other. Both were fitted onto anti-vibration pads eliminating the cost of structural adaptations to the building. ‘Just-In Time’ delivery and final connections to electricity and water supplies ensured quick and easy installation.

Mitsubishi-designed Exodan air source heat pumps can be used for domestic, commercial and public buildings and are ideal for community heat schemes. For more information check out the Turn Key website at

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