Dust Extraction Units, Standard or Bespoke High Quality, Modular Construction, Fast Turn Around, Newcastle

4 Cartridge Electronics(1)Yet another of our customers has benefited from a new bespoke, efficient, mobile friendly website. Unicorn Sheet Metal Works commissioned Autus to create a high performance website incorporating Responsive Design, for their excellent Unimatic range of dust extraction units and accessories.

Unimatic dust collection units are widely utilised during manufacture within the automotive industry, processing plants, offshore environments, the pharmaceutical sector and many other applications. Any setting where dust is produced by materials such as wood, cement, and composites will compromise the health and safety of employees. Dust particles also have a documented detrimental effect on the life of machinery. This airborne waste has to be successfully dealt with by law, to restore a safe breathable atmosphere.

This is where British made, Unimatic dust extraction units come in, providing a functional and effective solution. Customer demand for these dust collection units from Unicorn, based in Newcastle, was eventually so high that a website for this specific product became necessary. There are several factors which set Unicorn dust extraction units apart from their rivals, one of which is the incredibly fast production and supply time of their bespoke range. Their modular design ensures a variety of options available which can deliver a unique dust collection unit to fulfil each customer requirement. This is ideal where for instance, units need to be situated in an awkwardly shaped space for convenience. The typical turn around for this service, is quoted as 4 to 6 weeks, a very attractive alternative to the ‘up to 12 weeks’ offered by most other suppliers.

Unimatic dust collection units feature a streamlined design, avoiding troublesome edges etc where matter can accumulate. They comprise of fully bolted assembly, resulting in a selection of configuration possibilities, and a smooth and versatile installation. They also come in standard design from stock with 7 to 10 day delivery, answering every individual need.

The newly launched Unimatic Responsive Design website, has detailed information about Unimatic products and services, and will allow all customers to find the perfect dust extraction solution for them. Call for more information on

High Performance Dust Collection Units, Streamline Professional Design, Newcastle Upon Tyne