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We have recently worked on a project for a company who offer water treatment, cleaning, filtration, maintenance, design and refurbishment. Our clients Pool Maintenance Ltd, have an excellent reputation for delivering a wide range of services for public and private swimming pools, therapy pools and spas to an extremely high standard.

Pool Maintenance are renowned for their problem solving skills, and are dedicated to providing a safe, clean and well performing solution. They have a long history and vast experience when it comes to preventing the growth of bacteria, Legionnaires, Pseudomonas and E-Coli. This type of problem can occur in balance tanks, cold water storage tanks and filters. The team at Pool maintenance are CSTS certified, meaning they are qualified to work in confined spaces.

Their talents are not limited to cleaning and maintenance, they have successfully completed countless swimming pool refurbishments, redesigns and extensions over the years, and are leaders in their field.

This company needed a website which reflected the high quality service they offer, and we set about creating a website redesign. The new site has all of the features which are recommended to remain ahead in today’s market like SEO, content management, rich content and of course Responsive Design. Most high profile businesses now incorporate Responsive Design into their company website, providing their customers with a streamlined browsing experience. SEO specialists like Autus have been spreading the word for a while now, and most people are aware of the benefits of a mobile friendly website. Over 1.2 billion people access the web via a mobile device, including potential customers for most businesses, so it’s important to provide fast and efficient browsing.

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