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Our client John S Culwick, Chartered Accountant, has a particular expertise where finances are concerned, but his wisdom does not stop there. He contracted SEO specialists Autus to create a website redesign for his highly successful company, that would reflect his companies market leading position. He now has an exceptionally functional website for his customers to browse when searching for an accountant, tax expert, financial adviser, business support specialist or start up advice.

Leading businesses worldwide are turning to mobile friendly technology for their websites, enabling them to gain a winning edge in their particular industry. As many people now know, search engine giant Google downgrades websites which are not mobile friendly. This can leave business owners wondering where all of their customers went!

Most major businesses and organisations have ensured that their new websites have Responsive Design software, or are requesting a redesign of their old one. Prompted by constantly released statistics which strongly indicate the need for a mobile friendly solution, smart company owners are contacting us on a regular basis.

They have read that:-

  • People searching on the internet, are 5 times more likely to leave a site which is not mobile friendly immediately.
  • Most website visitors will click off a site that takes longer than 3 seconds to load.
  • 68% of companies use mobile marketing as a major part of their marketing strategy.
  • Tablet devices represent the highest ‘add to cart’ rates on e-commerce sites at 8.58%.
  • 83% of those who use mobile devices say that a seamless experience is very important.

The design of your website does not simply mean the look of it, as factors now include speed of loading and navigation whichever device is being used. The most popular digital devices are smartphones and tablets, which can be used efficiently while at home, work or on the move. John S Culwick joins many of our clients who have expressed their satisfaction with our service, and who have already benefited enormously. Call Autus on 0161 278 2534

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