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At Autus, we are lucky to have some amazing clients across a wide range of industries, and Trimmers Hair Salon is no exception! This talented team of skilled hair stylists specialise in Creative Hair Colouring, and all staff are required to take part in regular training courses, provided by L’Oreal. It is their commitment to providing an exceptionally high quality service that has ensured an impressive list of loyal customers, some who come from abroad for their appointments!

Of course we wouldn’t dream of trying to advise these experts about hair, but we do know a thing or two about digital marketing and website SEO! Keeping up to date with developments in digital marketing is what we are good at, especially as this is an area where the landscape is constantly changing. Search engine Google is famous for setting the standard, then suddenly moving all the goalposts, potentially creating havoc for companies who depend on their websites for grabbing the attention of, and engaging the public.

Autus have a number of tried and tested strategies that we recommend to keep our clients ahead of the game. These include things like Responsive Design, which plays a large part in encouraging people to browse the clients website wherever they are, on any digital device including their smartphone, ipad, tablet etc.

One of the most effective features, a client can choose for their website nowadays, is Rich Content. Videos, interactive tools, animation and infographics, all contribute to the amount of time a visitor remains on your website. There is no better way to promote your business, show people who you are and what you do, and frequently ensure sales. This ‘engagement’ period is measured by Google and contributes to the website’s ranking, a higher ranking means a greater online presence for your business. Features like videos enhance the experience of website visitors, which Google also favours. You can see some excellent examples of Rich Content on the Trimmers website, with numerous videos placed throughout it’s pages.

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