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While many men don’t worry too much about hair loss, and feel it’s just an inevitable part of life, others want to try and do something about it. Although not devastating in the greater scheme of things, hair loss or male pattern baldness can be pretty ageing, and men historically have tried a number of solutions.

According to ancient writings, wigs and fake beards were popular in Egyptian times, and many tried to remedy their hair loss by using concoctions made from the fats of a random variety of animals. One treatment apparently contained the leg of a female greyhound and the hoof of a donkey fried in oil. In ancient Greece, Hippocrates, believed that castration was the answer to stop baldness [bit drastic!],

Wigs have been worn throughout history, and we have all seen paintings from 17th century France, where the penchant for full wigs began. King Louis XIII, began the fashion due to thinning hair, and the wigs evolved into wildly outlandish creations. These cranial adornments often featured boats, butterfly’s and even bird cages as embellishments. Scoot forward to the 1800’s and hair loss cures were big business with procurers of potions making ludicrous claims. [You can probably still find this type of product on the internet if you’re not careful!]. Later a number of devices to restore hair appeared, including suction pumps and head heaters to stimulate hair follicles. The practice of grafted hair transplants surfaced around the 1950’s in the US, and over the years has been perfected for a subtler and more realistic look.

One incredibly popular treatment that has caught the imagination is tricopigmentation, which is a form of temporary scalp micropigmentation. This is a ground breaking and non invasive way of replicating the effect of shaved hair. Pigments are skilfully applied to the scalp, by a highly trained technician delivering remarkable results. Our clients Scalp Solutions in Wigan, are specialists in the application of this form of semi permanent pigment, and customers frequently report boosted self confidence. Call Lew Grady at Scalp Solutions on 0771 8493674 for more information or to book a consultation.

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