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As this week is Electrical Fire Safety Week, the Government’s Fire Kills campaign and the Fire Fighting and Rescue services have joined forces with the Electrical Safety Council, to raise awareness. Figures show that approximately 70 deaths and 350,000 serious injuries per year are caused as a result of electrical accidents. Firefighters are urging the public to check their homes for potential electrical fire hazards, as these contribute substantially to many house fires. According to records a significant proportion of fires in the home start in the kitchen with cookers and other appliances accidentally left on. Another important safety aspect to consider involves the wiring of kitchen appliances. Exposed, frayed or damaged wires are extremely dangerous if overlooked, and all wires should be kept well away from any water or heat sources.

Smoke alarms save lives and provide vital minutes needed to alert everybody and summon the fire services. People are also advised to ensure that they have a working smoke alarm at each level within the home, these should be tested weekly.

If possible it is wise to have a fire extinguisher appropriate for use on electrical fires, within the kitchen area. Multi purpose dry powder or carbon dioxide extinguishers are ideal in this respect and are also perfect for office, industrial, workshop and truck cab use.

Fire Logistics Ltd offer a comprehensive range of fire safety equipment including extinguishers, sprinkler systems and accessories such as fire blankets, hose reels, cabinets and fire safety signs.

The Fire Logistics Ltd SEO’d website also has details of fire risk assessment and fire safety training courses. Call for information about any of their products or courses on 0191 230 3647 or email to

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