Autus web design and marketing client UK Farm Feeds Ltd is attracting massive national and international interest in a new line in waste food de-packaging machinery.

The original concept from Farm Feeds is simple but strong. Every year in the UK, supermarkets, food suppliers and food manufacturers throw out millions of tons of food as it reaches its sell-by date. Good food that has been painstakingly farmed, processed and packaged ends up as compost or landfill, often at a further cost to the retailer and, ultimately, to consumers.

Although this food is no longer deemed fit for human consumption, UK Farm Feeds have developed an innovative solution to recycle this valuable commodity and keep it in the food chain. Processing food waste into animal feed is relatively straightforward and might have been more widespread but for one major drawback.

Most of the food we eat in the UK has been expensively packaged. Although packaging can help preserve food it can also be difficult to remove. Air-sealed plastic wrapping, vacuum-packed processed foods, waxed cartons, cardboard packaging and even bread wrappers are harmful to animals and must be removed completely.

Farm Feeds Ltd have designed and developed a range of de-packaging equipment capable of process up to 5 tons of recycled food per hour. Their latest Super Separator de-packaging machine is ideal for most packaged products including bread, dairy, plastic bottled milk, cakes and biscuits. The Super Separator de-packages fruit and vegetables creating a soup-like end product that is ideal for anaerobic digesters such as pigs and cattle.

De-packaging equipment from Farm Feeds Ltd runs from an electrical supply / generator or diesel engine models are available.

Further information of Farm Feeds de-packaging equipment can be found at

UK Farm Feeds Ltd is proud to play a key role in the Isle of Wight Eco Island Project.

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