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A database powered website will provide a streamlined, cost effective and user friendly solution that will boost your business. If you’re unconvinced, just think about the many ways that databases affect our daily lives.


Gamers demand the latest technology along with fast and efficient software to collect data and player statistics from around the world. Gaming across social networks requires a highly functional database.


If you enjoy certain genres of movies and shows from media provider Netflix or similar, database technology is used to track your preferences. Other shows and options are then presented to you that may suit your taste. This analysis is done almost in the blink of an eye, using powerful systems.

Cloud Storage

The ‘cloud’ is a virtual storage system or database, that can hold vast amounts of data. This data can include photos, videos and documents, and using the cloud frees up space on your smartphone, tablet or computer. This storage software can be synced to your other devices for fast access wherever you are.


Keeping up to date with your finances is something that a database will do very well, and they are used widely in the business world. Banks, accountants and the stock market are just a few areas where databases are essential. Daily transactions are tracked and processed by intelligent database software, and likely future activity is predicted.

Social Media

Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook Pinterest and Instagram are heavy users of database technology. Think of all the information out there with friends, images, company profiles, selling of goods. All of this activity involves split second complex cross referencing.

Buying and Selling

If you use Ebay, Amazon or the like, you will have benefited from powerful databases that record transactions, update online stock etc.


Sports are incredibly popular and a massive area for database activity, as results are predicted and speculated on and bets are placed. Recording and calculating team wins, performances and injuries is simple for the average database

Databases affect our lives in many ways, so how can they help your business? Browse our website to find out more about database powered websites.


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